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Building a business online is not too different from starting a "brick & mortar" business. The same elements are all there, just in a different medium. That's where our friendly internet solutions come in.

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Here's an example: When you walk into a store, if it is well lighted, tastefully decorated and clearly marked, don't you want to shop there? Have you ever been in a store that was the opposite - where the decoration invloved mixed styles and colors, maybe the lighting just wasn't quite right and it was difficult for you to find what you want? Which would you choose?

The same is true with a website. It represents the online presence of your business. If it has a clean look, a nice design and clear navigation, it looks friendly to the user. And a friendly website is much more likely to keep the visitor's attention and result in sales.

These principles are a key concern at ITapestry. Our websites reflect our tastes in life, businesses we like, our friends and occasionally even our families, but we try to keep these ideals in mind from the start. If you are exploring the idea of an online presence, let us hear from you. We will have an honest chat about your very own friendly internet solution. And if we can't help, we will at least try to point you in the right direction!

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