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Client Websites
Over the last year or so we have created a number of sites for clients, many of whom are friends or companies/organizations we support. These range from multi-page sites to simple display pages for those who just wanted to start simply with their internet presence.

Foynes Flying Boat Museum - We fell in love with the nostalgia of the old Flying Boats years ago.  Imagine our glee when we found the original terminal where they used to stop in on their way between Europe and the US.  As an extra added bonus, Irish Coffee was actually invented at the place in the 1940's, and we celebrate the anniversary each year at the Irish Coffee Festival.  We've been supporters of the museum for several years now, and recently we've taken over their website.
JazzStyles - We've met some great jazz musicians in LA, one of whom is John Pramik, an excellent pianist who also runs a business providing entertainment to local functions. He asked us to help him get started in e-commerce, and this site is the first take. Visit the site and listen to his music - you might just want to order a CD!
Michael Brown
Portrait Expression: Art from Michael David Brown - Michael Brown is an artist living near Atlanta, Georgia, who specializes in charcoals, graphites and pastels. His favorite works are displayed on the site, along with links to request commissions and purchase current works on offer. Let Michael create a unique work of art for your collection and enjoyment.
Cathy Price
Cathy Baker Price, Clinical Nutritionist, Dip ION CMA - Cathy Price is a Clinical Nutritionist based near London who received her training at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, founded by Linus Pauling and Patrick Halford. Her involvement in nutrition arose from a desire to assure that she provide the most healthy possible diet for her family. She is available for private consultations and has done numerous speaking engagements around the London area.
Liz Moore
Elizabeth J. Moore, Consulant - Liz Moore is a career coach and consultant who spends her time between Basel, Switzerland and Nashville, Tennessee. Liz specializes in career change counseling and draws on her personal experiences to help clients define a path for their future success. Contact Liz for one on one coaching.

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