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Selling on eBay

One of the more interesting and certainly most successful enterprises on the internet is eBay. For those of you wishing to sell products, you will often find that the least expensive route may well be there.

ITapestry operates an eBay store, which was simple to set up and is inexpensive to maintain. It allows us to have one common place where all our listings appear in together in an attractive and organized way. We alternately sell antiques, artwork, jewelry, eBooks, collectibles and even electronics on our store.

Open an eBay Store!

There are three grades of eBay stores, from a basic store for the beginning user all the way to a power user store with tons of features. The latter one is for experienced eBay sellers with lots of offerings, but the basic store is a great place for anyone contemplating selling on the internet to get started. Just as we have included a link to our store above, you can create a detailed website and link to your store for your visitors to purchase products. You can even offer direct links to individual items or to categories of items.

Another important tool when selling on eBay, or even if just getting started with your own website, another useful tool is PayPal. It is almost inconceivable that anyone interested in the internet would not have a PayPal account. More and more merchants are accepting PayPal as a payment method every day.

If you are operating on eBay or even just starting on the internet, this is the solution for you! A PayPal business account allows you to accept credit cards without a merchant account. Your fees are paid on a transaction basis with no gateway or other monthly fees. Yes, the amount per sale is slightly higher than with a traditional merchant account, but that is a simple calculation to determine the crossover point when your business needs a more sophisticated solution. For anyone starting to sell products through a website or eBay, PayPal is a must!

Finally, let's not forget that eBay is always introducing new products to fulfill special markets. One of these is eBay's, where you can buy and sell used books, movies, music and games. Be sure to check them out, as this is a good alternative site to buy or sell those categories of merchandise. buy/sell used books, music, movies,games

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