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About ITapestry

David and Arlene Brown have functioned as a dynamic management team over the past 25 years in both the domestic and international markets. Their consulting expertise in the sales and marketing arena was gained while serving in executive management positions for high tech public and private companies, including their own successful business which they operated for 10 years.

The two joined forces in 1981 to form David Brown Associates, an early reseller of data communications and networking equipment. They built the leading company of its type in the southeastern US, functioning as sales arms for companies who were the powerhouses of their day, including Cisco Systems, Cabletron and Network General, where they remained to eventually take over the responsibility for Europe, Middle East & Africa. They built and managed an EMEA operation that exceeded all expectations and effectively put Network General in the category of world class company. This helped position the company for a merger with McAfee in 1997, forming Network Associates (NET).

They next took on the challenge of the Internet when JFAX.COM, a unified messaging company with an innovative Internet-based solution, now known as J2 Communications (JCOM), presented them with the opportunity to make their mark with a revolutionary new service via the Internet. Accepting that challenge for the EMEA market, they launched the services there through major partnerships with key service providers.

Moving next into the Internet security market, they managed the international operations for Network ICE, creators of the BlackICE firewall.  They concentrated their energies jointly on both building sales and marketing organizations and assisting the corporate founders with developing strategies and tactics required to position the company for fast growth and eventually acquisition.  The product had both retail and enterprise application, so the Internet was used as the engine to drive the retail sales. Their guidance and success were key critical factors resulting in the sale of Network ICE to Internet Security Systems (ISSX).

Throughout their careers, they have been on the forefront of every new technology wave from data communications to local area networks and the advent of the Internet.  By using tried and true methods combined with the best technology available, they learned to implement successful strategies and tactics culminating in advantageous mergers and acquisitions by competitors and suppliers. The internet played a key role in their experiences, and the application of it's power to their sales and marketing strategies contributed to their success.

David and Arlene continue to remain active in their international business development activites, now with a focus on using this powerful marketing vehicle to increase sales for both retail and enterprise clients. Their knowledge of sales, marketing and technology coupled with their vast experience in a variety of markets gives them a unique perspective to accomplish a client company's goals to yield maximum growth with minimal resources.