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Our Websites

We founded ITapestry to give us an opportunity to take some of our interests and those of friends, family and select clients online, while having some fun in the process. As you will see from our list below, these sites relate to our interests and our business.

The Savvy Traveler - We love to travel, and we've done a lot of it.  So much, in fact, that our friends often ask us to recommend what to do when they visit places in Europe and the UK that we frequent.  We're always glad to oblige, and we decided to share our suggestions with everyone on this website.

Small Regiments - Living in the UK and working in Windsor, we had the opportunity to observe the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle daily for several years.  Being history buffs anyway, we became interested in military and regimental history.  So what could be more natural than a site about toy soldiers, model airplanes, model ships and military chess sets? Really!
Jasmine Partners
Jasmine Partners - We've been involved in international business development for the last 10+ years. Jasmine Partners LLC is our consulting company where we offer our services to those enterprising companies interested in taking the international leap. (And a few who are contented with their domestic business.)


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