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Having a website is not without costs, and unless you are just into personal blogging for the pure enjoyment, there needs to be some way to make it worth your while. This is usually accomplished either directly, by displaying your own products and/or services, or indirectly by advertising products of others. Your website could be a good place for companies to advertise their products, and they are usually quite happy to pay you for sales or in some cases even leads. This process is called "affiliate marketing", where the website owner becomes an affiliate sales agent for the company advertising on their site.

While we do enjoy working on websites for select clients, most of our sites rely on personalized content to attract visitors and provide a platform for companies with affiliate programs to advertise. There are a great number of affiliate programs, so you can select the ones that complement the message you are conveying on your site. We provide related affiliate links on our own sites and sometimes on the sites we develop for others, with their permission, of course.

The really great thing about affiliate programs is that it costs your users nothing to go to their favorite site through the links you provide. They get the exact same deal as they would if they went there on their own. The "magic" comes in when you create content that is so specific that it just begs to have certain programs there.

There are a number of sites which consolidate affiliate programs for website publishers. An example of these is :

Because we have a number of sites, we work with several different providers. As a reference, we will provide links to some of our favorite programs on this page. We won't include the travel links - most of them can be found on the "Choices" page of The Savvy Traveler.

AMAZON.COM may be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online. is the most popular source for rare and unusual books on the internet.

MacMall is a great stop for all things Mac. They offer all current versions of the Mac and often have special prices on those models just being replaced. Find MacMall Bestsellers! Mac CPUs, iPods, Accessories, Software and MORE! MacBook Closeout starts at $868.99

Finally, an unexpected bonus. Especially for electronics, a new rising star is USA, LLC . Be sure to stop there when checking prices, because there are some good deals to be had.